2-6 players

30-60 mins gameplay

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Where in the World?

With the world map as the playing field, all players answer the same questions in this exciting and educational quiz game.

There are over 1700 questions with at least two questions from every country in the world. That makes Where in the World one of a kind.

The game also includes a timeline to answer WHEN something happened. You may know that Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo but can you point it out on the map AND answer when the battle took place?

The world map is divided into small squares. The players answer a question by putting their piece in the square on the map they think holds the correct answer. 

Questions from the game:


  • Which is the southernmost capital city in the world?


  • ​In what country is "ainu" an official language?


  • ​In what city does the book "The Plague" take place?


  • Where was the Caesar salad invented?


  • Mansa Musa is regarded as the richest person to have ever lived. Where and when did he rule his empire?

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Jolsters is a startup located in Sweden. The creator of the board game Where in the World? used to be an avid traveller going on treks in places like Greenland, Nepal, Iceland and Mongolia.


However, in 2015 his biggest adventure started when he became a father. Wanting to show the world to his daughter, he thought of ways he could do that without getting on a plane with a baby. So started the early version of Where in the World?.


In 2018 he started designing a new version of the game for grown ups, working on the game after his kid had fallen asleep. In late 2019 the finished game had arrived to Sweden and we think that the world is now ready for the English version. Join us on our adventure!

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